Classes and Leagues

Classes and Leagues

Although Mini Sports Stars offers classes and instruction for multiple sports we specialize in basketball and t-ball/baseball. We offer classes for the youngest of athletes. A sample outline of our tee-ball class (ages 3 to 6) and basketball classes (we have classes for athletes ages 3 to 14) are provided below.  Please remember that repetition is the key to skill mastery but all Mini Sports Stars coaches are trained to challenge individuals who have mastered certain skills in order to provide an opportunity for constant development.

Mini Sports Stars does offer tee-ball and basketball leagues throughout the year in addition to our classes.  For more information on our leagues please contact
Probably the most popular sport that Mini Sports Stars offers is Tee-ball. Again, skill mastery through repetition is one of Mini Sports Star’s main goals. T-Ball is an excellent stepping stone to baseball. Kids will learn how to name and run the bases, field, throw, and of course hit.  Special equipment is used to enhance development while simultaneously ensuring a safe environment.
Sample Tee Ball Class Outline

  • 11:30am-11:35am Introduction & Base Running
    • Objective:  Have athletes learn to run the bases in order and to be able to name each base
  • 11:35am-11:45am Fielding & Throwing
    • Objective:  Have athletes learn how to properly field a ground ball and throw correctly using the Mini Sports Stars “Look, Step, & Throw” method
  • 11:45am-12:10pm Modified Game (split into 2 groups)
    • Objective:  Athletes will learn to incorporate the previous drills after they are split into fielding and hitting groups.  Batters will learn to hit off of a tee utilizing the Mini Sports Stars “Step, Turn, & Hit” method
  • 12:10pm-12:15pm Base Running Game & Cheer
    • Objective:  Wrap up the class with a memorable game that is designed to be fun.  Sometimes Superman or an Angry Bird will visit the class and will run the bases with the kids.  Kids will then do a team cheer and receive a stamp or sticker.

Basketball is a very popular sport taught by Mini Sports Stars staff. Mini Sports Stars focuses on skill mastery through repetition and kid’s ages 3-14 learn how to properly dribble, defend, shoot, and rebound through unique drills designed by Mini Sports Stars founder Dan Hibson.  Children are challenged differently depending upon age and skill level.  All drills are designed to be simple but coaches are trained to add complex variations depending upon the student(s) they are instructing.
Sample Basketball Class Outline

  • 11:30am-11:35am Introduction, Bounce Passes, & Pivoting
    • Objective:  Have athletes learn the correct way to pass and catch a ball.  Athletes over 5 will be taught how to “rocker step” and how to pivot
  • 11:35am-11:45am Red Light Green Light Dribbling/Footwork Drill
    • Objective:  Have athletes learn how to properly dribble a basketball on the move using their “suction cups/finger pads.”  Pivoting and footwork are emphasized for athletes over the age of 5.
  • 11:45am-11:55am Defense
    • Objective:  Athletes will learn to play defense:  A special emphasis will be placed on:
      • Footwork
      • Stance
      • Balance
      • Staring at the stomach and not the ball
      • Staying between your opponent and the basket
      • Making the shot difficult but not fouling
      • Boxing Out & Rebounding (age appropriate)
  • 11:55am-12:05pm Shooting (please note that athletes ages 3-4 are taught to shoot the ball from their chin and not from their hip or over their forehead to develop a proper foundation for shooting)
    • Objective:  Athletes will learn how to shoot the ball correctly and will learn how to develop good habits by learning how to identify and correct the 4 major shooting flaws through the Mini Sports Stars Shooting Method:
      • Ball Misses to the left for a right handed shooter = Most Likely the front shoulder came too far forward
      • Ball Misses to the left for a right handed shooter = Most likely the shooting hand finished to the right and a straight follow through should be emphasized
      • Ball Misses and hits the front of the rim:  Most likely the shooter should use more of his legs for inertia
      • Ball misses and hits the back of the rim:  The shooter should shoot the ball higher/with more arc to correct this problem
  • 12:05pm-12:15pm “Steal The Bacon”
    • Objective:  Athletes are given an opportunity to play 1 on 1 in order to establish all the fundamentals taught in the previous drills in a game type setting.  Teammates are taught to root for the athlete on their side of the court in order to promote sportsmanship.